Connecticut libraries need you!

Speak Up! Show Up! Get the Facts!


The Connecticut Library Association (CLA) is committed to standing up for all of CT’s libraries and the services they provide. We need you to be engaged in our advocacy efforts. It’s just not enough for CLA’s leadership to speak up. We need library leadership (directors and trustees), library staff, library Friends and library patrons to take a stand on behalf of CT’s libraries.

This Tuesday, February 21, 2017,  from 4:00 pm onward is the first public hearing about the proposed budget cuts to state library programs. The hearing will take place at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Hartford. Here is how you can help on and before Tuesday:
  1. Show up. A large and visible number of library supporters in the audience will make a strong statement.
  2. Submit written testimony. Can't be there? This is how to be heard.
  3. Testify. We need your voice.
  4. Connect with legislators by filling out CLA's political contacts questionnaire (see below)

Submit written testimony. Please email written testimony in Word or PDF format to Encourage your library users to do the same.

We are surveying the CLA, The CT Library Consortium and other allies to see if they know people who could have a decision-making role in the legislature.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out this form and return it to Mary Etter.  Thank you! 

Political Contacts Questionnaire 2017

Mary Etter, South Windsor Public Library, 1550 Sullivan Ave, South Windsor, CT 06074.

Getting engaged now—signing up as a library advocate—means you’ll receive our action alerts and be able to make your voice heard for libraries.

Here’s background information that is important for you to have.

It's budget season, and the Governor's proposed budget for FY18 - FY19 contains significant cuts to State Library services. The Governor has proposed

  • budget cuts

    Eliminate funding for borrowIT CT (Connecticard) - $781,820 in cuts each year
  • Annualize last year's "holdbacks" across other State Library programs, including CLC, researchIT CT, and deliverIT CT - $318,886 in cuts each year
  • In addition, Governor's House Bill no. 7051, a budget implementation bill, proposes changes to state statutes that could effectively eliminate the borrowIT CT program permanently.

Whether your library is directly affected by the borrowIT CT cuts or not, any cut to any State Library service impacts Connecticut libraries in critical ways. It is vitally important that the library community show their support for all state funded library services NOW, before we get further along in the budget process. We cannot be complacent.


Here's how YOU can help:

Speak Up! Show Up! Get the Facts!


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