Support the Connecticut Library Association

The Connecticut Library Association accepts donations to help in their efforts to advocate and support the library professionals of Connecticut libraries.  CLA supports library professionals from all types of libraries including public, academic, school, and special as well as the wide variety of library specialities from cataloging to outreach to research services.  Our mission is three fold:

  • To advance the interest of library personnel and librarianship

  • To foster communication among those interested in libraries

  • To work for the improvement of library services to the people of the state of Connecticut 

One of the ways that we further our mission is by providing professional development opportunities to all librarians and library staff through programming and our annual conference.  Donations can be made to specifically support scholarships and grants that we provide eligible CLA members to further develop their skills and stay current with the various trends in libraries.  We also accept general donations what will be used to provide local professional development opportunities to library professionals from across Connecticut and its surrounding states.

Any donation, no matter how big or small, is appreciated!  Thank you for helping us maintain our efforts to advocate and support the library professionals of Connecticut libraries!


Donations to CLA

The Connecticut Library Association is a private, non-profit organization according to Section 501(c)(6). Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.